The importance of Dental Cleanings

Maintaining good oral hygiene is fundamental for our health and self-esteem, and dental cleaning is crucial to achieving it. Also called by dentists dental prophylaxis, is a process where plaque and calculus (tartar) that is lodged between the teeth is removed.

When chewing food, small debris remains between the teeth, and if we do not brush and floss properly every day, the food debris will generate tartar as well as bacterial plaque that can bring us many oral problems in the future. Besides, once tartar is generated it cannot be removed by brushing, and we must go to the dentist for a dental cleaning.

The teeth cleanings can be performed using several methods, but the most common is with an ultrasonic device that has a thin tip that emits vibrations when in contact with something hard, such as the tooth or tartar. With this vibration, tartar plaque, bacterial plaque, and extrinsic stains caused by excessive consumption of coffee and tobacco can be removed.

Occasionally, some patients have not been to the dentist for a long time and have stains that do not come off with ultrasound. In these cases, a pressurized air instrument using bicarbonate is also used during dental cleaning to effectively remove the stains.

Finally, a brush or rubber polishing paste is used to polish the surface of the teeth.

Benefits of a dental cleaning

The main objective of a dental cleaning is disease prevention, in addition to being able to remove tartar plaque or stains. Dental cleanings help to remove tartar that accumulates at the gum line or the neck of the teeth. Tartar can not be removed by daily brushing but through a good dental cleaning, but in addition to this brings other advantages, such as:

  • Keep teeth protected against oral diseases

Our mouth is always full of bacteria, and if we do not carry out regular dental cleaning, we will accumulate plaque, gums can become inflamed and even bleed sometimes.

These cleanings will help us to keep our teeth protected, without bacteria, stains, or tartar. They also serve to strengthen the enamel, and all this becomes having healthy teeth against oral diseases such as periodontal diseases.

  • Eliminate or avoid bad breath

Halitosis or bad breath is a very common inconvenience suffered by up to 50% of the population and is often related to the accumulation of tartar and bacteria. By having your teeth cleaned regularly, you can prevent bad breath and control halitosis.

  • Preserve overall excellent health

Many studies indicate that there is a direct relationship between systemic diseases and periodontal diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, among others.

So, the health of our mouth can harm the health of the rest of our body, therefore, it is very important to have good oral hygiene and health.

By having regular oral cleanings, we will be helping to keep our teeth healthy, greatly minimizing the possible risks of an oral infection that can spread throughout our body.

  • Prevent major damage

Having regular dental cleanings with a professional will help you avoid future major problems in your mouth, such as extractions, implants, or any other treatment that may arise as a result of poor dental health.

It is sad to have to get to a point where you have to remove pieces or fillings, even kill some nerves, so that infections do not spread, which will always be more expensive than having a regular oral cleaning.

  • More active sensations in our mouth

When a lot of debris builds up in our mouth our sense of taste can be altered, we probably can’t pick up certain flavors better. So a healthy mouth will help you to enjoy a better sense of taste and to better enjoy any gastronomic experience without any feeling of frustration for you.

  • You’ll have a brighter smile

If you choose to have regular dental cleanings, your teeth will look much better. On many occasions, some daily eating habits such as coffee consumption, smoking, among others, cause our teeth to become stained. Therefore, oral cleanings will not only improve our oral health but will also allow you to show off more beautiful, cleaner, and whiter teeth.

As we indicated above, it is essential to maintain proper oral hygiene, which we should be more attentive to the more adults we become. A clean and healthy mouth will prevent the development of other diseases and many other inconveniences, without forgetting that we must complement our daily oral cleaning with professional oral cleaning at least twice a year.