What are dentures?

Dentures are actually replacements for any missing teeth which you can take out and also put back into the mouth. Although you will need some time for getting used to dentures and these will never feel like natural teeth, the dentures of today are quite affordable and more natural-looking than before.

You will come across 2 primary types of dentures at present, namely, full and partial. It is your dental practitioner who will aid you in selecting the type of denture which will be appropriate for you depending on whether all or some of your teeth will be replaced as well as the cost involved.

How dentures work

Your gums will be covered by an acrylic base which is the color of flesh when it comes to full dentures. While the base of the upper denture will be covering the palate, the base of the lower denture has the shape of a horseshoe for accommodating your tongue.

These dentures have been custom-made in a laboratory from impressions of your mouth. It is up to your dentist to decide which type of denture will be the most appropriate for you.

What are dentures made of?

Dentures that formed the artificial teeth were usually made from plastic or porcelain in the past. However, more contemporary dentures are usually manufactured from hard resin. The materials utilized for making denture teeth are actually more fragile as compared to natural teeth and will easily crack or chip in case they are dropped or not taken care of properly. Moreover, this material likewise wears down much faster as compared to the natural teeth and one should replace dentures at the interval of every 5 years.

The supporting structure that helps in holding the denture in the proper position and which also looks like the natural gum line is usually made from a similar resin employed for the teeth. It might also be manufactured from a more flexible polymer substance which fits on the natural gum line snugly.

Fitting the dentures

The fitting of the dentures will usually be performed by a dental practitioner or a qualified dental technician. At first, the dentist will take measurements using impressions of the mouth for creating the dentures. He will fit the dentures once the teeth have been removed so as to reduce the time without teeth. In case there is any injury or gum inflammation, dentures will be fitted after this issue has been fixed.

On some occasions, dentists are going to create a trial denture from the initial impressions taken from the jaws which enable the patient to evaluate whether the dentures are going to be a comfortable fit in the long run. The dentist will adjust the shape and the color of the dentures before fitting them.

On most occasions, partial dentures will be made from metallic or plastic plates along with false teeth attached which can be easily clipped onto the adjacent existing teeth using metal clips for holding it firmly in position.

Benefits of using dentures

  1. Helps to preserve the facial structure

It is your teeth’ bone structure which plays an important part in ascertaining the way your face appears. Once all or the majority of the teeth are lost, that particular bone structure will be lost as well. This will result in a significant change in the appearance of your face. Dentures have the ability to restore the shape which was lost together with the teeth. While designing the dentures, your prosthodontist will also take into consideration your facial structure. He or she will design the dentures in such a way that they help to preserve your facial structure which you had before losing your teeth.

  1. Provides you with a confident smile

Losing teeth implies that many individuals might experience lots of embarrassment as well as self-consciousness regarding the condition of their smile. In case you belong to one of these people then it is possible that you have found some means to avoid displaying your teeth. This may consist of restrained laughter, avoiding conversations, or closed-mouthed smiles. However, it is possible for dentures to provide you with a confident smile once more and there is no need for you to hide your teeth. Advancements in technology have made these dentures appear quite natural.

  1. Enables you to eat your favorite food items

Once you miss all or several of your teeth, it will be very difficult for you to enjoy the food items you prefer the most. One significant advantage provided by dentures is that you will be able to commence eating normally once again. Dentures that are well-fitted will allow you to consume the food without any frustration or pain whatsoever.